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Well folks, we are closing out on another great season of fun, excitement and lots of fishing. This last month, has been quite challenging with all the hurricanes and tough weather to deal with. But again, we have no control over mother nature. Within this month, when weather allowed, we were able to go in the sounds, and catch sheepshead. What a fun time was had by all! Sheepshead fishing can be tough at times, but for the most part we were able to catch some nice size ones. Children also enjoyed this type of fishing. They were often amazed at their catch, with the sizes that they brought in! Lots of dinner plates with some good eating, were filled on their visit with us. Thanks so much for your business. Certainly, we hope each of you have a wonderful rest of this year. We look forward to seeing each of our customers again, along with some new ones. We hope you have a most Blessed holiday season and New Year!

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