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Outer Banks Boat Tours

OBX Boat Tours

The Outer Banks is known throughout the world for its unique scenery, diverse wildlife and beautiful beaches. On your trip you can you will get to see everything you miss from the shore. Throughout the sound and inlet you will get to see many of the natural wetlands and marshes which are protected to preserve the habitat for future generations.  As we pass through Oregon Inlet you will get a great view of where the sound meets the Atlantic Ocean. From there we cruise out and along the beach where you can see everything from afar. Often on the tour we will come upon schools of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin who are rarely shy and love to come right up to the boat and swim along with us!  Bird watchers are always welcome.  Some types of birds roost on one particular island.  If your tour is of a morning, you can view the beautiful sunrise, or an evening tour, with the sunset lighting up the entire sky. We invite you to come witness all that nature has to offer on the Outer Banks.

Scattering of Cremation Ashes, Burial at Sea

When a friend or loved one chooses to be cremated, you may wish to scatter the ashes into the sea. There is no set procedure for scattering a loved one's ashes into the water.  How you choose to go about it is largely of matter of personal preference or the final wishes of the deceased.  You may simply gather family and friends to do a private service on the boat or you may just want to rent the boat to go out to a memoriable location to scatter the ashes or toss an arrangement of flowers.  We offer either sound or ocean waters.  We try to choose a day with predicted clear weather and little to no wind to prevent ashes from blowing back into the boat.  We can accomodate up to 6 attendees.  If you require room for additional attendees, a second boat may be arranged.  

Water Soluble UrnYou may consider using a water-soluble scattering urn to place a friend or family member's ashes into the sea. Wind over the water can cast ashes back into the boat or cause them to cling to the side of the boast when you simply scatter them over the edge.  Water-soluble urns allow the ashes to float on the surface for a few minutes so that loved ones can say final goodbyes.  Then they sink into the seas and release the ashes into the water gradually as they degrade and melt into the sea.  This may make for a much more pleasant experience.  If a person decides this type of burial, a memorial can still be placed in a favorite location for survivor's to visit.  When you call us, pricing is determined upon the location of scattering.